The Phantom 2 Wheel Pitching Machine

The 21st Century Pitching Machine

The Phantom 2 Wheel Pitching Machine is a new product that might look like other pitching machines on the market, but does it ever outperform even the biggest of names out there. Successfully improving on a decades-old design, with a focus on safety and portability, the Phantom is really a superior beast with a comparable price tag. And through the end of the season, will be offering a discount of $175 on all Phantom Pitching Machines. Use Coupon Code PHANTOM175OFF at checkout.

The Reality of Buying Pitching Machines

Unlike bats and gloves, a pitching machine is one of those purchases that even a seasoned coach will buy only a few times in a career. The iconic blue and white Jugs Pitching Machines still outsells everything else out there, but this isn’t due to a superior product, but rather name recognition.

I personally have either fed or swung at thousands of pitches from a Jugs machine. They make a good, reliable product, that for the most part, is consistent and gets the results you’re looking for.

But the Jugs Pitching Machine has its problems, too. Most of us have just resigned ourselves to the fact that pitching machines aren’t perfect. Especially when it’s wet, humid, or muddy. Or if the ball isn’t perfectly round or has a torn stitch. Or when the wheels wear down through seasons of use. And that’s not to mention the workout you get putting it up and taking it down. That changes now!

A Whole New World of Pitching Machines

The Phantom Two Wheel Pitching Machine truly is the pitching machine for today’s baseball player. It’s more consistent, more portable, safer, and easier to use than any other comparable model.

Not only will it throw baseballs or softballs (most machines charge more for this if it’s offered at all), but it can throw leather baseballs or dimple balls. All of this at 90+ mph. Check out our recent post on what Eric Byrnes had to say about the importance of hitting off a pitching machine.

Still need convincing? The Phantom Features:

  • Dual Wheel Adjustable Controlsphantom-split-with-legs_1
  • Throws Baseballs and Softballs
  • Throws from 30-90+ mph
  • Throws all pitch types at all velocities
  • Throws ground balls and fly balls
  • Built-in Transport Cart
  • Works with most auto feeders
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • 5 Year Pro Warranty

It’s always the time of year for more swings

The Phantom Two Wheel Pitching Machine has reinvented pitching machine design for an emphasis on safety, portability, and accuracy. If your team, league, or backyard is in need, give us a call at (800) 487 7432 or visit us at Remember, we will be offering a discount of $175 on all Phantom Pitching Machines. Use Coupon Code PHANTOM175OFF at checkout.


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Eric Byrnes Drops this Gem about Pitching Machines

Only got the audio of this, but Eric Byrnes, broadcaster and former major leaguer, drops some serious knowledge on the effectiveness of the pitching machine in baseball training. This is a great clip to pass on to the players in your life.

“I’ll argue to this day, that I became a big leaguer when my parents got me a pitching machine… My dad knew nothing about baseball, but he figured out how to throw me batting practice.”

Here at, we believe that more swings, done correctly, win ballgames. Check out our article How Important is a Backyard Batting Tee Station to find out exactly how you can get more swings just by walking out the back door.

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20% Off All Sports Team Benches Through April 30 2016

Baseball, Soccer, Field Hockey. You Name the Sport. We’ve Got You Covered.

20% Off All Sports Team Benches
Now Through April 30, 2016.


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From the Dugout: Memories of Team Benches

When a player hangs up his cleats for the last time, he tends to miss a lot about the about game. For me, it was the time I spent on the bench. Of course, I missed the perfect hit and run and batting practice was high on that list too, but whether it was the coming and going between innings or sitting with my pitcher when I caught, my shortstop when I played second, the bench was the center of it all.

Here’re a few of the memories that stick out the most:

  • My dad and I painted my high school dugout and our team bench when I was a sophomore. My coach and the booster club appreciated it and doing so gave me a little more ownership over the field that I played on and maintained for four years. Two years later, we painted the bench and dugout for my college ball club. My head coach appreciated that a whole lot less.
  • The bench is where we sat and learned the nuances of the game. It was the desk in our dugout classroom, our home bench having a familiarity to it that bordered on superstitious. Many of the lessons that had nothing to do with baseball and everything to do with living were given and received on the various benches I’ve sat on.
  • Living in Atlanta since before the Braves had much to offer, I watched the unbelievable pitching staff of Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, Greg Maddux, and others, grow and blossom under the care of master gardener Leo Mazzone. There is a vivid image implanted in my brain, one that I have seen countless times, Leo Mazzone rocking back and forth next to Bobby Cox on the Braves’ bench. The two were generally calm, cool, and collected, the real exception being Bobby Cox’s notable explosiveness, generally directed at umpires. But those four hip pockets held down the bench for decades, leading to a lot of quality baseball.

The bench is a place where memorable things happen. We know you can get attached, but if you’re ready to upgrade, give us a call at (800) 487 9798 or visit today to see your options. Let us help you start making memories today. Check out our blog post about How to Buy a Team Bench too!

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How To Buy A Team Bench – Sports Benches For All Needs

Since no one buys team benches very often, I thought it would be worthwhile to offer some direction.

The Determining Factors:

  • How many players will you need to accommodate? Allow 18” width per player.
  • How much of your budget will you allocate?
  • Which type of bench do you prefer?
  • How will you mount your new bench?

Team Benches – Baseball Benches – Basketball Benches – Dugout Benches  Sports Benches – Aluminum Benches – Soccer Benches…  Is there a difference?

The Best Answer Is… No!

Our aluminum benches are built for all team sports. It is the bench length, model, and mounting style that will help you decide what works best for you and your team or league.

3 Team Bench Styles

No Back Basic Team Bench – These are those the single plank benches you have seen. These are your most economical option.

Seat Bottom With Back – Adding a seat back to the basic seat model offers much more comfort. Better for sports where players and coaches are sitting for lengthy periods of time.

Seat, Back With Top Shelf – Adding a 20” wide top shelf to our seat bottom with back bench models offers the benefit of storage for team items such as Gatorade coolers, training, and coaching supplies. Players, gloves, towels, water bottles are other typical uses as well. Baseball and softball players like to sit up here, too. Note that safety laws require a complete frame understructure, so these models are used as portable or surface-mounted only, not to be built into fresh concrete, also known as a permanent mount.

3 Team Bench Mounting Styles

Portable Mounted Benches – Allows for moving indoors or out. Portable dugout benches make cleaning and pressure washing easy. They have sturdy post legs and T-style feet that stay out of the way.

In Ground Mounted Benches – Allows for easiest installation in fresh concrete. Best for reducing vandalism. Large diameter pipe-shaped legs go straight into a hole where concrete is then poured.

Surface Mounted Benches – Here is your best choice where existing concrete is already poured & where security may be an issue. Four holes are drilled and anchored for each leg. Directions are incredibly easy to follow!

How To Determine That You Are Buying From A Reputable Team Bench Dealer:

  • Are you talking to coaches who know what you’re looking for or are you just talking to a salesman?
  • Are they offering a full line of products or do they sell a bench or two every season?
  • Are warranties posted and are they adequate? We recommend looking for a minimum of five years.
  • Are their products made in the US? The best tend to be.

Can we help you put a new team bench in your dugout or new aluminum bleachers on your field?

Here at, we are dads and coaches who know the game and know what it takes to run a team. The team benches we offer are all made in the USA and we have a complete selection of sizes, styles, and mounting choices, all in anodized aluminum with aluminum or steel legs and understructures. Team colors are available too! We hope you will consider us for your team benches and aluminum bleachers, too. Check out our offerings today!

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Started from the Parking Lot

We didn’t have a place to shower, but we had a clubhouse guy who knew our situation, and he’d come in early each morning and let us into the facility so we could clean up. Then we’d leave the ballpark before anyone else got there, drive around for a little and hang out at the mall to kill time. When it was time to report to the stadium for that night’s game, we’d roll up like we hadn’t just been there showering a few hours earlier, as if we had a place to stay and we were just getting in, like everybody else.

Torii Hunter, Started from the Parking Lot

Hunter wrote this eye-opening piece on the early life of the professional baseball player. I particularly like his first taste of the show and how that single experience drove him throughout the minors. Let us know what you think! Hope you enjoy!

Need more ideas to keep you and your team in the game this offseason? Come see us at for baseball instruction and training aids. Don’t forget to take advantage of our over 200 FREE articles and videos too!

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How Do You Prepare to Hit?

As an old baseball buddy of mine says, “hitting begins when you walk off the bus!”

More exactly, if you find yourself in the batter’s box with a headful of thinking, you’re already in trouble!

Remember, All Pitchers Set Patterns

Well before you step into the batter’s box, the guy on the hill is giving you free intel that you simply must train yourself to look for.

Here Are Some Handy Tips I Was Taught Years Ago:

Hitting Preparation

  1. Bullpen observation
  2. Warm-up observation
  3. Observing the first hitters’ reactions
  4. Take the 1st pitch of the game (first at-bat only)
  5. Look for the same pitch on 2nd delivery (first at-bat only)
    • Fastball counts: 3-0, 3-1, 2-0, 2-1, 1-0
    • Neutral counts: 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, 3-2 with a man in scoring position
    • Breaking ball counts: 0-2, 1-2, 2-2, 3-2 with a runner in scoring position and first base open

Mental Strategies

  1. What is the pitcher’s strength?
  2. What does the pitcher’s fastball do?
  3. What does the pitcher’s breaking ball do?
  4. Know the fastball counts
  5. Know the “neutral” counts
  6. Know the breaking ball counts

And Finally… Are all these important?

Well yes!

More advanced info is more baseball smarts. You just need to decide how successful you would like to be.

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